We take "Leading Energy Digitalization for a Smart and Sustainable World" as the mission, and redefine the future with energy.

Benefits to Meet Your Needs

Optimal Electricity Cost

Up to 30% More Energy with Optimizers
Flexible investment & more usable energy via smart string ESS with energy optimizer
2x POWER Battery Ready for More Energy

Active Safety

AI-powered active arcing protection
Pinpoint arc fault positioning for easier troubleshooting
No worry about power outage with backup power

Better Experience

One-Fits-All solution,easier business
Module auto-mapping within 5s
Auto datection of all system components

2x POWER Battery Ready For More Energy

A 5KTL inverter allows 5KW full power AC output plus 5KW full power battery charge

More Daytime Consumption
Inverter output full power for daytime energy consumption

More Nighttime Consumption
Inverter chargers ESS at full power for more nighttime energy consumption

AI Powered

Active Arcing Protection

  • Self-learning new arc features with AI model
  • Accurate arc fault detection via local neural network algorithm
  • Speedy arc fault protection by inverter shutdown in 0.5s